If you are viewing this page then you have already experienced working with the AAD in Antarctica/Sub-Antarctic region. The Expeditioner Services Team would like to share with you some recent changes and also provide information to assist you with your application for season 2024/25.

What has changed for season 2024/25?

Post the recent review of expeditioner recruitment, and with the aim of improving the experience for all involved, a decision has been made to remove the fast track process. It is important that our valued expeditioners are recognised for their previous contribution to the Australian Antarctic Program and that any recent merit based recruitment steps they have completed and positive expeditioner performance reports they have received are acknowledged and considered in the reapplication process. With that being said, the new offering to returning expeditioners, in place of the fast track process, is effectively the same opportunity (just without the name and all the admin) offered to all returners.

How do returning expeditioners apply for season 2024/25?

We have created a pathway, specifically for you as a returning expeditioner, to register your interest in one or more of the season 2024/25 roles.

To apply (for one of more roles) simply click on the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of the page and follow the application prompts. You will notice the returning expeditioner application form is shorter than the new applicant version, we have streamlined this process for you as some of the information is already on file. So you can prepare, please be advised that the returning expeditioner application form will ask you to provide details such as the dates of your most reason season and the role you performed in as an expeditioner as well as the name of your most recent Station Leader.

To view the job descriptions for each of the available roles for season 24/25 please follow this link: Jobs in Antarctica.

What will the recruitment process look like for returning expeditioners?

The recruitment process for returning expeditioners will look a little different for everyone, this is because the circumstances, experiences and interests vary for each individual applicant. Please see some scenario examples below:

  • If you have recently returned from Antarctica/Sub-Antarctic region with a good expeditioner performance report (EPR), demonstrating high performance and capability as well as adherence to the AAD personal quality expectations, then there may be an opportunity for you to move through some of the recruitment steps more quickly or even skip some steps completely.
  • If it has been a while since you ventured south with the AAD (5+ years) then you will be asked to complete a personal qualities assessment and technical interview.
  • The nature and number of recruitment steps will vary subject to the role/s you are interested in. For example, you may participate in more recruitment steps (including the completion of selection criteria) if you apply for a role that you have never performed in as an expeditioner compared to an application you submit for a role that you have performed in previously.

Please note: If you have already applied for one or more expeditioner roles for season 2024/25 via the usual Jobs in Antarctica page then you will not be required to apply again via the returning expeditioner application process.

Please feel welcome to contact us via the email below if you have any further questions or require support with the submission of your returning expeditioner application.

Expeditioner Services Team


For general enquiries, please email the Hays Expeditioner Recruitment Team at antarctica@hays.com.au.

For job specific (technical or trade related) enquiries, or to discuss the role in more detail, please contact Hays Expeditioner Recruitment Team at antarctica@hays.com.au or 03 8602 9896.

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