PhD program in Quantitative Antarctic Science

The PhD program in Quantitative Antarctic Science (QAS) is a study opportunity, partnering the Australian Antarctic Division with the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Science at the University of Tasmania.

As part of the Division’s strategy to improve capability in quantitative areas such as modelling and statistics, the program offers scholarships to students wishing to work on quantitative projects of direct relevance to the Australian Antarctic Science strategy.

Antarctic Arts Fellowship

The Australian Antarctic Division administers the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship, enabling those with a non-science focus to experience Antarctica first-hand.

The program facilitates the production of excellent and significant works of art and interpretation by professional and emerging artists and writers, who then communicate this experience to the Australian public.

Media program

As well as providing information to journalists, the Australian Antarctic Division’s media program offers opportunities for media representatives to travel to Antarctica during the polar summer to report on research activities in the field and in the Southern Ocean.


The Australian Antarctic Division no longer engages volunteers to conduct scientific or general support work in Antarctica.

Researchers from other organisations, such as universities, may require the services of volunteers. These positions are usually assigned to personnel at the researchers’ own organisations, such as students studying in a field relevant to the project being undertaken. All volunteers require the approval of the appropriate Antarctic Program Leader.

Information can be obtained regarding individual science projects to be undertaken in the current season.

Expeditioners walking across an icy landscape
Young seal on the ice
A group of penguins walking across the ice
Expeditioner sitting on the ice, looking out across the landscape