The Australian Antarctic Division invites individuals interested in working on a temporary basis at the Division’s head office to register their interest. Vacancies become available on an irregular basis, and are usually of a short-term nature. Applicants would normally be expected to be resident in southern Tasmania. Relocation costs are not payable in respect of employment arising from the temporary employment register.

Applicants are sought with qualifications and/or experience to undertake duties in the following areas:

  • scientific/research
  • information technology
  • policy
  • technical/engineering
  • mechanical trades
  • multimedia
  • general office/clerical
  • stores/warehousing

To be eligible for temporary employment, you must be listed on the Division’s register. Applications are valid for a period of 12 months from lodgement date; an updated application must be lodged every year to maintain your enrolled status. Applicants may lodge a new application at any time to update their details.

If you wish to be removed from the register, check your current status or if you have any further questions please submit your request via our Recruitment contact form.

To register for inclusion in the Temporary Employment Register, please fill in the online web form below:

Online temporary employment registration form