Thank you for enquiring about applying for a position with the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD). The following guide provides advice on how to construct your application and what you can expect from the selection process. If you have any questions please contact the Recruitment team on 1800 030 755 or by contact form.

Am I eligible to apply for a position with the AAD?

The AAD employs staff under the Public Service Act 1999. This act usually requires that all employees are Australian Citizens. In some circumstances, our agency head has the power to engage someone who is not a citizen — for example where a position has been very difficult to fill. In the case of an ongoing vacancy the selected person will usually be expected to take out citizenship once they are employed.

Is there an application form?

Head office vacancies (not in Antarctica)

The AAD has a standard application cover sheet to be included with your application but there are no job specific application forms. You must complete the application cover sheet and submit this with your application. The application cover sheet can be accessed from the job information page.

You should clearly indicate which position/s you wish to be considered for as the schedule of applicants (upon which the selection committee will base its shortlist) will be compiled based on the information provided on this form.

Expeditioner vacancies (in Antarctica)

Applicants for jobs in Antarctica must apply via Antarctic Applications Online, the online application system. Antarctic Applications Online is accessed via the ‘Apply online’ link on the individual job pages. Please follow the instructions for creating a login and completing an application in the online application system. You do not need to complete an application cover sheet for an expeditioner position in Antarctica.

What should I include in my application?

Provide a current CV/résumé. You should provide as much information as you consider necessary for the selection committee to assess your qualifications, skills and experience in relation to the advertised selection criteria.

Before constructing your application you should find out as much information about the position as possible. You should discuss the positions requirements with the advertised contact officers, but must always make sure you read the job description.

Job descriptions are developed for each individual position and provide details of the positions major tasks and activities, business contacts and responsibilities as well as the positions selection criteria.

What are the selection criteria?

Head Office positions have prescribed selection criteria which must be addressed. The selection criteria are made up of the attributes and skills that have been identified as requirements for the position in question. Addressing the selection criteria is an important part of your application as the selection committee will pick the person who best meets the advertised criteria.

The selection criteria may be made up of a set of mandatory and job specific elements. The mandatory criteria will include the personal attributes and capabilities consistent with the APS Integrated Leadership System (see job description). If the position for which you are applying has specific health requirements, for example a period of Antarctic service which requires medical clearance, these will also be included as mandatory criteria. Any prescribed qualifications will also be included as mandatory criteria.

Most selections are based on finding the person who best meets the selection criteria overall, mandatory and job specific. This means that in order to be found suitable for the position you must satisfy the mandatory criteria.

The selection committee may decide that you have not provided sufficient detail for them make an assessment if your CV or separate statement do not include enough information relevant to the selection criteria.

Can I submit a late application?

The closing date for applications will be included in the advertisement. Applications must reach the AAD by close of business on that date to be considered. Late applications will only be accepted if you have made prior arrangements with the selection committee. You should seek an extension from the contact officer nominated in the advertisement. It is not AAD policy to acknowledge applications.

Who will assess my application?

A Selection Advisory Committee (SAC) will be convened to conduct each selection. This SAC will be made up of at least two people — usually the positions supervisor or manager and someone from outside the vacancy’s work area. The person nominated as contact officer for the vacancy is usually the positions supervisor.

The primary role of the SAC is to make a merit-based recommendation to the delegate as to who should fill the vacancy.

How will the selection be conducted?

There are many tools available for the SAC to use in assessing applicants. The combination of these will vary from selection to selection. Some of the tools available include psychometric testing, selection centres, work tests and face to face interviews. It is AAD policy to use psychometric testing for positions at or above Executive Level 1.

Should I include references with my application?

You can provide references in support of your application however the SAC will usually contact your nominated referees for specific comment against the selection criteria. As noted on the cover sheet, you should provide names and contact information for at least 2 referees.

If you are applying for an expeditioner position in Antarctica, you can include references in your resume.

Who to contact for more information?

If you need more information about the vacancy you should speak with the contact officer listed on the advertisement. If you have general questions about the AAD or how we conduct vacancy filling, please contact the Recruitment team on 1800 030 755 or by contact form.