The applicant’s attitude, behaviour and potential behaviour will be assessed in terms of each indicator under the personal qualities criteria listed below.

1. A strong work ethic

Demonstrated by a proven history of efficient, effective, responsive and productive work performance.

Applicants for supervisory positions will be expected to demonstrate supervisory capabilities, including a good knowledge of workplace diversity, workplace relations, occupational health and safety and environmental management practices and principles.

2. Ability to make a positive contribution to community and team

Demonstrated by:

  • the capacity to cope with physical and emotional isolation and the resilience to overcome hardship
  • the capacity to work productively, contribute to the success of small isolated work groups and the overall community including recognising the affect one’s behaviour has on others
  • the capacity to address and resolve issues of conflict
  • the capacity to exercise sound judgement
  • flexibility, tolerance and acceptance of changing circumstances
  • qualities of robustness, motivation and confidence along with sensitivity, situational awareness and support and respect of fellow workers
  • good social skills and a pride in one’s appearance and maintenance of socially accepted standards of hygiene
  • responsible use of alcohol
  • not exhibiting behaviour that could endanger others’ safety or be seen as being abusive, threatening or offensive to others.

3. Respect for authority and a willingness to comply with the law, legislative requirements and AAD policies and procedures

Demonstrated by:

  • a history of complying with authority and supporting lawful instructions
  • a commitment to and compliance with appropriate environmental management policies and practices
  • a knowledge and history of compliance with work health and safety practices and principles
  • a recognition of harassment and discrimination issues and compliance with associated legislative requirements.

4. A commitment to AAP specific requirements

Demonstrated by:

  • a commitment to supporting the Australian Antarctic Science Program
  • a willingness to participate in “common duties” and activities in support of the community generally
  • a commitment to fully participate in all required training and associated activities.