Please note this applies to Head Office vacancies only. For expeditioner vacancies (in Antarctica) please visit the Application process for jobs in Antarctica page for instructions on how to apply.

The first thing to do is to ensure that you have all the correct documents, those being:

  • Application Cover Sheet
  • Job Description
  • Medical Checklist (if required)

You can download these documents from the job information page, or contact the Personnel Services Officer on 1800 030 755 and they will email the documents to you.

If you have any specific questions about the position, you can contact the nominated contact officer on the job information page.

You should be aware that positions at the Australian Antarctic Division are highly sought after which makes the selection process very competitive. Only those who have demonstrated strong claims to the position will be fully assessed.

Part A — Application cover sheet

The Application Cover Sheet must be completed in full. It contains information about your personal details and referee contact information. As an applicant, you will be regarded as being available for interview in the short period after applications close. If you are going to be unavailable for any length of time, you should attach details to your application form.

Part B — Statement of claims

You will need to carefully read the Selection Criteria, which is contained in the Job Description. These criteria are the reference point for the selection process. All applications and conducted interviews are assessed on the extent to which the applicant can demonstrate that she/he meets the criteria. Please note that the criteria may be weighted and the selected applicant will be the one that has the highest weighted score.

The next stage is the most important one: making a statement of claims against the selection criteria, more specifically the job specific criteria. The selection committee will be looking to see how your previous work experience and education equips you to perform the duties of the position. The key challenge for each applicant is to demonstrate to the committee that you possess the necessary skills, qualities and expertise. A common mistake is to list a range of jobs or to make assertions about your abilities without establishing a connection with the criteria. A better approach is to give specific examples of work you have done, describing how you contributed to a process or outcome.

Please Note: Your statement of claims is required to only address the Job Specific Criteria. Failure to address the job specific criteria often results in the application receiving no further consideration.

Please limit your statement of claims to the maximum number of A4 pages stated in the job ad, and with standard margins and font styles of no less than 11 point. It is also helpful if you number the pages in your statement of claims and include your name in the header or footer so that it appears on each page.

Part C — Medical checklist (if required)

The job information page will indicate if a medical checklist is required to be completed. If so, you must fully complete a medical checklist and include it with your application.

Part D — Submitting your application

Details for submitting your application are available on the job information page, or by contacting the Personnel Services Officer on 1800 030 755. Your full application should contain the following:

  • Application Cover Sheet
  • Statement of Claims
  • Medical Checklist (if required)