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Meet Phoebe, Project Engineer – Water

"Working with the AAD has been an amazing opportunity to extend my existing engineering skills set in a new and exciting context. My favourite activity outside work is skiing, so I’m hoping a trip to Antarctica might include being able to try out my skills on the ice there!"

Meet Finlay, Design and Engineering – Infrastructure Project Manager

"My engineering quals have led me to being able to work on world-class infrastructure projects in one of the most unique and challenging environments imaginable. I recently experienced my first visit to Antarctica which not only heightened my appreciation of the natural beauty of the environment, but reinforced why the work we do there is so important."

Meet Lorrienne, Engineering Services Supervisor

“I have always wanted to come to Antarctica since reading Shackleton’s adventures as a child. It’s one of the few truly remote areas left in the world. The people here are from all walks of life and have done all sorts of interesting things with their lives. It’s really interesting to hear their stories . After work there’s lot’s of things to so such as playing a game of pool or darts and hanging out with other expeditioners.”

Meet Amy, Engineering Services Supervisor + Deputy Station Leader

“I worked in engineering for 17 years in a variety of roles and this role has definitely been the most challenging and rewarding. Its been interesting supervising people and living with them closely. I’m having a great time and definitely think I’ll be a better supervisor from having this experience”.

Meet Peter, Plumber

“My primary trade is as a plumber and I’m employed as a Building Services Supervisor in the projects team this summer at Casey. This involves supervising plumbers, electricians, carpenters, riggers, fitters etc and some hands-on work as a plumber too.

Ever since I was at school I was interested in travel and Antarctica. Once I’d finished my apprenticeship and had a few years under my belt, Antarctica popped up on my radar again and being a plumber I was lucky to be one of the trades required here. I applied and the rest is history.

Antarctica itself, it’s just magic and gets under your skin. It’s hard to describe the vastness, beauty and scenery. Sitting inside looking out at a blizzard, seeing icebergs as you walk to work, the list goes on. The new life-long friends you meet each trip, the old friends you catch up with each year, the social aspect of station life and getting out into the field, to see the place and experience Antarctica first-hand. One things is for sure though, once you've been you’ll always miss the place when not here.

This is my seventh season. My first 3 trips were winters at Davis 2010, Mawson 2012 and Casey 2014, and I’m now into my fourth summer-only season.

I would recommend applying for a job without any hesitation. It’s one of the best jobs I’ve had. Particularly when you put the entire experience together with the work, new friends you make, old friends to catch up with, and Antarctica to see and experience, this place is awesome! Get your application in today, you won’t regret it.”