Scenario 3 – missing helmet

You have just arrived in the trades workshop and taken off all your cumbersome outdoor clothing prior to doing some welding. You are about to start when you realise you have left the welding helmet in another building just 20 metres away. It is windy and snowing outside and it seems that a blizzard is blowing up. What should you do?

  1. You really cannot be bothered spending 5 minutes getting all your gear back on. It is not far away – only 20 metres – so you make a run for it. You used to be a sprinter anyway!
  2. You put on all the outdoor gear again: over pants, boots, jumper, jacket, mittens, hat and snow goggles. What is another 5 minutes in the scheme of things anyway?
  3. It is only a small job that will take 2 minutes. No-one else is around so you put on your sunglasses for some protection and do it quickly.

You chose answer (a).

Safety is always a major concern.

White-out in blowing snow conditions leads to disorientation and has resulted in people dying only metres away from shelter.

Even if there was no white-out, if you were to slip and fall, you would become hypothermic very quickly and possibly die. It is just not worth the risk.

You chose answer (b).

This is the most sensible option as you will be protected against the weather.

An alternative option would be to postpone the job until you have the helmet and move on to something else.

You chose answer (c).

Safety is always a major concern, and welding flash is very painful.

In other situations more serious injury could occur. Medical care is limited and depending on the time of year, evacuation may not be possible.

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