Scenario 5 — a wee problem

You are at a remote field camp with five other colleagues and the grey water and urine containers are full. You are not due to return to station for another week. What should you do with all the waste water and urine?

  1. Cut the science project short and return to station.
  2. Dig a hole in the ice to dispose of all the waste water and then cover it up before you return to station a week later.
  3. Try to find another container that you could use for the last week.

You chose answer (a).

You could do this, but it’s worth considering options B or C.

You chose answer (b).

This is an option but before you do this, you will need to radio back to station and ask the SL to put in a variation to your project conditions, This will only take a day or two to come though.

You chose answer (c).

This is the best option, requiring no liaison with station, permit changes or program cut.

Any empty container that is large enough would suffice. Make sure it is clearly labelled!

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